Wealth Transfer Planning

Pass on Your Assets and Values to the next generation

Why is Wealth Transfer Important?

As a successful individual, you understand the effort to create and maintain personal wealth. Yet you may not realize how quickly estate taxes could sweep half of this wealth away.

So, while wealth creation can be complicated,

clients have three basic options when it comes to wealth transfer:

  • Leave your estate to family or friends
  • Leave your estate to the community through one or more charities or
  • Leave your estate to the government Internal Revenue Service by paying transfer taxes.

How do we help?

We think the same rules that guide your life should also guide how you handle money. Our team of professionals will work with you closely to make sure that your goals and values are passed on to the next generation

Legal Document Evaluation

We review and assess all your legal documents, including wills, trusts, etc.

Asset Protection Planning

We provide a flexible asset protection plan to safeguard wealth.

Family Engagement

We individually connect with each family member to understand their unique needs.

Credit Partner Search

We help you find credit partners to support your real estate expansion.

Financial Literacy Program

We educate the next generation on passive income, taxes, and investing.

Financial Planning Support

We provide comprehensive financial planning for effective inheritance utilization.

Intellectual Library

We capture your wisdom via podcasts, offering valuable advice for your family.

Proactive Estate Planning

We address “what-ifs” to avoid disputes, covering pets, artwork, and collections.

Investment Policy

We define investment rules, triggers, returns, and portfolio management.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity

We implement robust cybersecurity, protecting data and privacy globally.

Our Services

Transferring wealth to the next generation is a complex and sensitive process that raises many questions. Taking all questions, concerns, and possible solutions into account, we work with families to create customized plans to bridge generational wealth.

Below, we have listed some of the services we provide and conduct as part of our wealth transfer services.

Legacy Fulfillment Strategies

Estate Planning

Trust Funding

Charitable Giving

Business Succession

Let’s Build a Legacy that Lives On

Transferring your wealth to the Future Gen.
Starts With A Plan

Our Simple Wealth Transfer Process

Step 1: Get to Know You

  • We learn about your goals, comfort level, and time frame.
  • Gather important information.
  • Establish clear objectives & sign the agreement.

Step 2: Stress Test

  • Discover more about our complimentary Stress Test.
  • Assess your current financial position.
  • Analyze your current situation & identify issues.

Step 3: Wealth Transfer Blueprint

  • Design a tailored plan just for you.
  • Consider all available options.
  • Choose the best strategies for your needs.

Step 4: Implementation Phase

  • Put your plan into action.
  • Execute necessary legal documents.
  • Implement financial strategies.

Step 5: Annual Review

  • Stay on top of your plan’s progress.
  • Conduct regular reviews.
  • Adapt to changes in tax laws & adjust strategies accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's the best choice for me: a will or a revocable trust?

A will outlines your wishes for asset distribution after your passing, while a revocable trust provides more control and privacy during your lifetime and after.

Creating a trust for your children can safeguard their financial future, ensure responsible management, and protect assets from creditors or divorce.

Strategies like trusts and gifting can help protect family assets and pass them down to future generations.

Yes, these documents are crucial for ensuring your medical and financial wishes are respected and your loved ones can act on your behalf in times of need.

These options simplify asset transfer, avoiding probate and ensuring a smooth transition to your chosen beneficiaries.

By implementing a well-structured estate plan, you can allocate assets to support your loved ones and charitable causes while ensuring your own financial security.