Case Study:

From Hot Dogs to High Money: CMS's Journey to $40 Million


Business Overview

In 2005, Concessions Management Services Inc. (CMS) started small, selling hot dogs at a few airport spots. But as the times changed and travellers’ appetites grew, they needed a partner to help them rise in the competitive airport food and beverage business. That’s where we stepped in.

The Challenge

CMS initially faced hurdles in obtaining licences and complying with strict airport regulations, similar to securing a backstage pass for restaurant operations. They find it challenging to navigate the complex web of U.S. tax laws, including sales and income taxes, and require careful handling to avoid financial missteps.

Our Firm's Contributions

We provided CMS with essential support. We immediately helped them navigate licensing and compliance requirements, ensuring a smooth airport operation. 

Our expert tax management and planning served as a financial GPS, ensuring precise and regulation-compliant tax filings. We implemented strategic financial management to sustain growth beyond hot dog stands and handled their contractual obligations, leaving a positive impression on stakeholders.


Client Testimonial

How we accomplish it?

Our mission was crystal clear: we weren’t just their financial experts but their trusted partners every step of the way.

  • CMS brought us on board as their outsourced CFO.
  • We took charge of all financial matters, ensuring stability and accuracy in a changing market.
  • We used our vast network and banking connections to help CMS raise the capital it needed for growth.
  • This financial boost was a game-changer for their expansion plans.
  • We ensured CMS followed tax rules and contract obligations, saving them from potential problems and fines.
  • CMS started with small hot dog stands, but we saw the bigger picture.
  • Over two incredible decades, we transformed CMS from a million-dollar business to a $40 million success story.
  • We guided CMS as they expanded to manage restaurants in six different airports.
  • Our strategic advice was a key player in this multi-airport success.

The Transformation

In 20 years, CMS evolved from hot dogs to a $40 million success story. We didn’t just handle numbers; we turned CMS into a thriving business, meeting the ever-changing tastes of travelers.

The Results

Every great story has an end, but ours is a sweet one. Our client retired with a successful exit. A business valued at $40 million – that’s the taste of triumph.

CMS’s story is one of determination, growth, and success. From a handful of hot dog stands to a flourishing enterprise with restaurants in six different airports, their journey is inspiring. Our role wasn’t just to provide accounting services; it was to provide enterprise-level CFO services, hand holding CMS every step of the way. We helped them not just survive but thrive.