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Dr. Donald B

Client Overview

Dr. Donald B, a distinguished professional in his field, encountered a daunting challenge with the IRS that involved complex negotiations and the appeals process. With potential penalties amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars, Dr. B sought the expertise of a proficient tax resolution expert.



Dr. B was faced with exorbitant, punitive penalties from the IRS that not only threatened his financial stability but also posed a significant challenge due to the complexity of his tax situation. This included issues related to tax preparation, filing, and the intricate Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Report (FBAR) submission process.


M.S. Eka and the team at BSE Accounting took on Dr. B’s case with a comprehensive approach. Our strategy encompassed :

  • In-depth Analysis: A thorough review of Dr. B’s tax situation to understand the nuances and complexities involved.
  • Strategic Tax Preparation and Filing: Ensuring accuracy and compliance with tax laws to mitigate further issues.
  • Expert FBAR Submission: Navigating the intricacies of foreign account reporting with precision and expertise.
  • Complex Negotiations: Engaging with the IRS to discuss the penalties and presenting a strong case for Dr. B.
  • Appeals Process: Handling the sophisticated appeals process with a robust strategy aimed at reducing penalties.


Our dedicated efforts and strategic approach led to a significant victory for Dr. B. We successfully obtained a $272,661 abatement of penalties and interest from the IRS, substantially reducing the punitive penalties and saving Dr. B almost $300,000.


“M.S. Eka and BSE Accounting have provided excellent service in every phase of tax accounting, including tax preparation and filing, FBAR submission, extremely complex negotiations with the IRS, and the even more complicated appeals process. As a result of BSE’s intervention, exorbitant, punitive penalties were significantly reduced, thus saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. I can endorse and recommend BSE without reservation and with the greatest possible enthusiasm. They are professional, punctual, and highly dignified in their manner of business. A real pleasure to work with!”

- Dr. Donald B


Why BSE Accounting?

At BSE Accounting, we understand the stress and uncertainty that tax issues can bring. Our goal is to provide peace of mind and tangible results through our expertise in tax resolution. Dr. B’s case is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to navigate the most complex tax challenges.

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