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Why Might You Face a Tax Audit?

Well the answer lies in between the lines, 

you see ~

Most people don’t get audited.

It’s usually the big earners, making over $500,000 a year, who get the IRS’s attention. 

And if you’re self-employed, you might have a slightly higher chance of being audited because your income can be a bit trickier to track.

But there are some red flags which could make you end up facing an audit. 


Here are some things that might trigger it

  • Not Reporting All Your Income: If you miss reporting some of the money you earned, that’s a big no-no.
  • Filling Out Forms Wrong: Even small mistakes on your forms can catch the IRS’s eye.
  • Unusual Business Expenses: If you’re claiming wild expenses for things like fancy dinners or entertainment, be ready for a closer look.
  • Foreign Bank Accounts: If you’ve got money stashed away in a foreign bank, be ready for some extra scrutiny.
  • Cash-Focused Businesses: If you run a cash-heavy business, like a restaurant or a small shop, you’re more likely to get audited.

Our Services

1. Tax Debt Relief

Are tax debts keeping you up at night? We’re here to help you regain your financial peace of mind. 

Our services include:

IRS & State Tax Debt Resolution

  • Put an end to wage garnishments and levies
  • Release tax liens that weigh you down
  • Create manageable payment plans with the IRS
  • Settle your tax debt for less than you owe
  • Reduce or eliminate penalties

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2. Audit Defense


Protect your tax return with our prepaid audit defense service. Pay one affordable fee and rest easy knowing you’re covered in case of an audit.

What We Offer:

  • Full defense throughout the audit process
  • Coverage for both state and federal income tax returns
  • Expert guidance to explain your options and craft a winning strategy
  • We handle all scheduling and attend audit appointments on your behalf
  • Minimize the financial impact of the audit

And much more……

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3. Report Your Audit Letter

Facing an IRS or state audit letter with our audit defense membership?

Let us assist you –

  • Simply Sign in to Your Account
  • Click “Report an Audit” for the audit year in question.
  • Upload requested documents to kickstart your case.

Remember, you don’t have to tackle the IRS on your own.

We’re here to support you.


Get the Tax Help You Need in 3 Easy Steps!

1. Analysis

Our tax experts will analyze your tax issue for FREE and give you upfront pricing.

2. Implementation

We’ll create a customized plan and guide you through the steps to resolve your tax problem.

3. Follow-Up

Expect a follow-up to explain your results and help you stay compliant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Typically Triggers an IRS Audit?

The most common trigger for an IRS audit is the failure to fully report all income on your tax return. This is because undisclosed income represents untaxed revenue. The IRS receives copies of your 1099 and W-2 forms and cross-references them to ensure that your reported income aligns accurately with these documents.

When you receive an audit letter from the IRS, it’s crucial to seek advice from a qualified income tax attorney. Ignoring the audit won’t make it disappear. If you do not actively defend against the audit, the IRS may pursue the collection of any outstanding taxes you owe, potentially imposing penalties and interest charges.

While you have the option to handle an audit by yourself, it is generally not recommended. The IRS tax code is highly complex, and an audit can encompass multiple years of your tax returns. An experienced IRS audit attorney can assess your risk exposure thoroughly and negotiate with the auditing agency on your behalf.

If you are unable to meet your IRS tax obligations, you may explore negotiating an offer in compromise or a settlement agreement. Each option comes with specific guidelines and requirements, making it essential to seek assistance from a knowledgeable IRS audit attorney during the negotiation process.

The IRS has the authority to conduct audits as often as necessary. In some cases, they may even review several years of your tax returns simultaneously. This typically occurs when a significant error is identified during an initial audit, prompting the IRS to extend their scrutiny to additional tax returns.