The #1 Thing Keeping You From Building Wealth

Building Wealth

Understanding the Real Problem with Debt

Debt is often mistaken as the main financial issue individuals face; however, it’s actually just a symptom of deeper underlying problems. It’s crucial to understand that personal finances are 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge. For example, if you haven’t made any progress on your student loan debt for years, the debt itself isn’t the core issue. Similarly, other distractions or life changes, like having triplets, are not the root problems, nor is the interest rate on your debt.

It’s a Personal Issue

The primary issue lies within personal behaviors and choices. Financial struggles are more about personal failures to manage one’s finances than about the numerical side of money management. When you begin to address your personal behaviors, you start to see progress in achieving financial peace and building wealth. Without confronting these personal challenges, you’ll likely find yourself stuck, making no real progress.

The Allure and Danger of Money

Money is a unique topic because it both attracts and misleads us, making us believe we can solve our problems by simply fixing the numbers. However, this approach is flawed. Our financial issues are intricately linked to our spending habits, income, control, and collaboration with others. You cannot simply isolate “money problems” and solve them with math alone because these issues are deeply embedded in the fabric of your daily life.

The Impact of Life Events

Life is unpredictable, filled with events like job losses, family illnesses, or personal crises. These situations can drastically impact your financial situation, underscoring the importance of good financial habits established early on. If proactive steps are taken today, even amid life’s chaos, you can better manage and mitigate financial stresses when they arise.

Start Taking Control Now

The choice to take control of your financial destiny starts now. It’s essential to not only plan for the immediate future but also prepare for the unforeseen events of life. By focusing on improving your financial behaviors and principles today, you can ensure a more stable and prosperous future, regardless of what life throws your way.


Addressing personal financial management isn’t just about dealing with numbers; it’s about dealing with life itself. By understanding and changing your behavior, you set yourself on a path toward true financial independence and resilience.