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Tax Planning

Smart Tax Strategies to Maximize Profit and Streamline Process for Your Business

Why do you need effective Tax Planning?

As an accomplished professional, you have worked hard to build your expertise, your career, and the value of your time. 

You juggle a busy career with the needs of your family, profession, and community with precious spare time to address your personal financial planning needs. 

For over 32-year, BSE has helped professionals gain control over their finances and …

Increase Wealth

Reduce Tax Liability

Eliminate Surprises

Get Financial Freedom

How do we help?

Our company specializes in handholding and managing financial and tax matters for clients, including paying bills and managing money for them who are Doctors, Attorneys, Hollywood directors, writers, and producers.

BSE offers a cafeteria-style approach where clients can choose services tailored to their needs or a customized package of services.

Our Services include

  • Strategic tax planning to reduce tax burden
  • Handle business and personal taxes
  • Expertise in managing business licenses
  • Efficient property tax management services
  • Accurate payroll management solutions
  • Proficient preparation of financial statements

WE also work with Financial advisory firms

  • Offering litigation support
  • Handle international tax compliance for US citizens/residents abroad.

It’s never too late to begin tax planning

Our sole aim is to provide you end to end wealth management solutions under one roof

Why Choose Us?

01. Tax Planning Without Surprises

We can’t eliminate your tax bill, but we can certainly eliminate any surprises in it. That’s why we start our tax work long before your filing deadlines.

02. It takes unique experience to advise those in unique fields

We bring decades of experience and specialized knowledge in helping attorneys, and physicians to navigate the complexities inherent to their fields. 

03. Helping professionals to create lasting wealth

We utilize our expertise to shape your investment strategy, create a cash flow plan while optimizing tax savings and debt for current life goals and retirement.

Our clients see an average 100%-150% return on investment in tax planning

Why not get in touch?

We’ll team you up with one of our talented wealth advisors who will help you connect all your financial dots

To find out more about our tax planning service and learn how it can benefit your business, submit your details below and our accountants will be in touch.

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What are the three most fundamental tax-planning strategies?

Tax planning can be done in various ways. The three most common include lowering your overall income, increasing your number of tax deductions during the year, and taking advantage of certain tax credits.

Is Tax Planning Legal?

Planning your financial affairs to compute your tax liability is legal, provided such plans are not structured in any way to mask any of your income to avoid your tax liability.

What is tax planning in basic terms?

Financial planning for tax efficiency is referred to as tax planning. It tries to lower one’s tax liabilities by maximising the use of tax exemptions, refunds, and advantages. Tax planning entails making financial and economic decisions to reduce the tax burden.

What is the distinction between tax planning and tax evasion?

The goal of tax planning is to reduce your tax bill by making use of current legal options. On the other hand, tax evasion is the practice of avoiding paying taxes by using legal loopholes.

What is the purpose of tax planning?

 Every taxpayer is aware of the financial burden that paying taxes imposes. Tax planning enables you to invest wisely in savings vehicles, providing both investment growth and reducing the amount of taxes you pay to the government.

What are the benefits of tax planning?

Taxes might reduce your annual income. To combat this, tax planning is a legal technique to lower your tax payments in any given fiscal year. It enables you to make the most of the government’s tax exemptions, deductions, and perks to reduce your tax liability